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We love every step of the recording process, including editing!

Although you may not see every step of the process when recording your record here, we will breakdown each and every step of the recording process for you to see below.

Tracking / Engineering
Phase 1
Whether it is in house or another recording facility, this is the start of the record. With attention to detail, we'll work on getting the right sound from the source, rather than having the "we'll fix it in the mix" mentality.

Our vintage Carvin MX2488 tracking console is great for drum recordings as well as percussions, and will be able to get heart of your drum sound with ease, especially when paired with our many options of professional quality rack gear ranging from fx to buss compression.

Our high quality pre-amplifiers and direct injection boxes are perfect for your bass and guitar tracking. Want that grit from a 1073-style pre-amp, or a tube pre-amp to give you saturation for days? We have it. Now going further, we can also re-amp stringed instruments, which will be explained further below.

For vocals, we have a wide selection of microphones to chose from. Anything between dynamic microphones like the industry standard Shure SM7b to small-diaphragm condensers from Rode and Sennheiser, or large diaphragm condensers by Warm Audio and Avantone Pro, we have your vocal style covered. Once we complete a microphone shootout that complements your voice perfectly to one of our many microphones, we will then move into the pre-amp section. We have everything from our Carvin MX2488 tracking console to Golden Age Pre to direct recording with our professional grade Focusrite recording interface to our favorite, Universal Audio, we have what you need!

For our beautiful sounding in-house piano, we have just the stuff! We go direct to ensure that we are able to capture the emotion you feel when you play the piano, from the softest of touch, to the hardest hit you can play.

Any additional tracks are no concern for us, as we are able to record them fully without issue.

Phase 2
Regardless of where you record your next album, at Plaudit Studios we can prep your multi-tracks for mixing! Anything from a subtle breath poking out to editing drums at 200bpm, we can do just that.

We take a methodic approach to editing, to bring out the best takes that were recorded and enhance to perfect your dream sound. At this stage, we understand that any edit gone wrong will be present in the mix, and we strive to ensure that no stone is left unturned and we create seamless modifications, tailoring and personifying your sound.

From metal to classical, we can do it all.

If you robots playing drums and guitars? We can do that, too!

Phase 3
The second to last stage in completing your demo/single/EP/LP/full-length begins here.

Once we masterfully edit your tracks, we then start by creating a rough mix. At this stage, we want to get the general feel of your song and make sure you are completely satisfied. From here, we dutifully tailor your sound to make it you.

There's no copy cat records here, your sound is you, and we want to enhance that. Our end goal is to make you satisfied with your record and love it.
Studio Hours
Although our recording facilities are located in a residential environment, we can work around your schedule for tracking. Most of the noise standards are related to live instruments (mainly drum tracking), so guitars/bass/vocals/editing/mixing can be done beyond the mandated times.

Mon-Fri: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Sat: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Sun: 1:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Mobile: +1 (619) 500-2431
About Plaudit
Located in Chula Vista, CA, we are a home recording studio that strives for highest possible recordings at musician friendly prices. With professional recording gear and a wonderful creative space, we want to ensure the best possible environment to offer musicians a place to record. Time is not a factor for us, and we pride ourselves in making sure that everything is done right, from tracking to mastering.
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