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Tuesday, March 17, 2020
Whew, what a week it has been, or year thus far!

Currently we sit, moderately quarantined in our homes, and there's nothing like making music during this time!

At Plaudit Studios, we stand committed in serving our clients, musicians locally and hopefully nationwide. In the midst of all this, we will strive to work with you until the county forbids any work at all to be done (regarding quarantining or stay in place laws).

We also understand that there may be a financial uncertainty, and we understand that entirely. As I am a full-time student completing my master's program, teaching labs for 60 students, and odd jobs here and there, job uncertainty is alive and well.

Don't worry about payments! Music has always been first with us. We want to work with you, any means possible.

Please stay safe out there, and with the advent of remote streaming and remote session becoming commonplace, we will utilize everything possible to make sure your music is heard, and played.

Ivan Vazquez-Salazar
Plaudit Studios
Monday, July 1, 2019
Welcome to the new website!
After much waiting, we now have an official website! In the coming weeks, we will continue to update this website to ensure that you have the newest content here.

As we further our skillset as a production facility, we hope that you will choose us for your next demo/single/EP/LP/full-length project! If this is not the case, we can also break down the production level to go into more specialized tasks of tracking of independent instruments as well as voice over or even re-amping! Need some editing? We will do it! Need scoring done? Easy-peasy! Need a session player? We can do that to!

Whatever situation you are in, do NOT hesitate to reach out.

We want to work with you in your next project and really bring your ideas to reality.

More coming soon...

Angel Vazquez-Salazar
Plaudit Studios

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