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Studio Gear List
Here at Plaudit Studios, we pride ourselves in owning a vast amount of hardware and software. Whether it's a tube condenser, or maybe a pultec-styled EQ into a beautiful 1176 inspired compressor, or even a beautiful plate reverb, we can do it!

Below, you'll see our ever growing collection of gear that will be at your disposal to get a quality sound.

Control Room
Our control room contains just some of the gear we utilize on a daily basis! From our workhorse desktop computer, to our tracking console, to our trendy salt lamp, we provide a relaxed atmosphere that will put you in a creative mood to get the best performance.

Some tools we use on a daily basis are:
Carvin MX2488
PreSonus Quantum 4848
Focusrite Clarett 8PreX
Focusrite Clarett OctoPre
Grace Design SDAC

Kali Audio LP-8
Yamaha NS-10T
SPL M-Match 2.1
Sennheiser HD-700
Beyerdynamic DT-770 (250 Ohm)
Vic Firth SIH2
Behringer HPS3000 (2x)

Analog Vibes
My fellow gearheads, hardware lovers, and general tinkerers of analog products, here we present you, our extensive outboard gear list!

Any and all gear listed will be available for use. Our wide selection of guitars and bass' will be professionally setup prior to tracking if you call ahead before hand.
If you wish to use your own guitars and gear, we also have a stock of strings on hand if things go awry! However, we recommend that you bring some packs of strings and have your guitars setup and ready to go before our sessions.

Microphone/Instrument Pre-Amplifier
Microphone/Instrument Pre-Amplifier
Universal Audio UA-6176
Golden Age Project PRE-73 MK1 (2x)
Avalon U-5
Sansamp RPM
Avid Eleven Rack
Radial JDI

Tame that inner self
dbx 160XT (2x)
Klark Teknik 1176-KT (2x)

Parametric Equalizer
Sweet Sounds
Klark Teknik EQP-KT (2x)

CrAzY GoOdNeSs
SPL Vitalizer SX2 Psychoacoustic Equalizer (2x)
Lexicon MPX-100

I can hear you
Warm Audio WA-87
Warm Audio WA-47Jr (2x)
Shure SM7b
Avantone Pro CV-12
sE Electronics X1 S
Beyerdynamic m201 TG
Rode M5 (2x)
Sennheiser e614 (2x)
Sennheiser e904 (4x)
Sennheiser e902 (2x)
Sennheiser e906 (3x)
Sennheiser e609
Sennheiser e935
Sennheiser e945 (2x)
Sennheiser e835 (2x)
Audix i5
Shure sm57
Stagg SDM70 (3x)
Blue enCore 100i (2x)
Blue enCore 200 (2x)
sE Electronics V7

Acoustic | Electric Guitars & Basses
Play your heart out!
If you ever need a guitar tech, our masterful instrument tech, Buck from Van Laarhoven Guitars is just a call away! Contact Buck at: (619) 512-2193 for more info.

Acoustic Guitars (Right-Handed)
1958 Gibson LG-0
1980's Alvarez Classical Guitar

Acoustic Guitars (Left-Handed)
1968 Yamaha FG-230
1974 Guild D50-L
1978 Takamine ec-128
2015 Recording King RD-06-L

Electric Guitars (Right-Handed)
2015 Rickenbacker 360-12
2014 Epiphone Les Paul Custom Shop Ltd. Ed
2018 Carvin DC-127
2000's Jackson Dinky
2012 Spector Bass Guitar USA

Electric Guitars (Left-Handed)
1978 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe
1985 Gibson Explorer
1987 B.C. Rich Warlock
1987 Kramer Pacer 3000
1987 Peavey Tracer
1997 Fender Stratocaster
1997 Orville Les Paul
2003 Gibson Les Paul Studio
2003 Kramer Imperial Explorer
2015 Bach Explorer
2010's Gaskell Explorer
2010's SX Bass (Fretless)
2010's Yamaha BB-404-L

Guitar Amplifiers & Cabinets
We can go to 11
Crate Blue VooDoo 50H
1978 Fender Bassman Ten
Marshall BluesBreaker 35th Anniversary Ltd. Ed
Marshall Fifty Split Channel Reverb
Marshall JCM 900 (4100)
Mesa Boogie Nomad 55H
Orange AD30
Peavey ValveKing 100H

1968 Fender Bandmaster 2x12
1970's Acoustic 103 4x12
Marshall JCM 800 Lead Series 4x12
Custom 4x12
Loaded With 2 G12T-75's & V30's In X Pattern
VHT 112A
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